Featured Project

Agriculture drones can help farmers win the war on weeds in a cost efficient and timely manner - once they're legal to use. Two publications report recently reported on a joint project by InventWorks and Boulder Labs. For the full Boulder County Business story, click here. For the Boulder Daily Camera story, click here. Since these stories were written, the InventWorks agricultural drone project has been spun into a seperate company, Agribotix. Navigate over to www.agribotix.com to stay up to date.



InventWorks, Inc. is an agile development engineering design and fabrication firm offering rapid prototyping, limited-run manufacturing, and one-off projects. We hold extensive experience in experimental design and construction, instrumentation, lasers and optics, real-time computer data acquisition, computer control and modeling. Spark M4 Electric MotorcycleInventWorks is committed to transforming your engineering and design project ideas into reality with professionalism, speed, and - most importantly - creativity.  

It doesn't matter whether your idea is scratched on a cocktail napkin or rendered in detailed engineering drawings. Our mission is to help you turn it into hardware quickly and with minimum hassle.  

Our team of engineers and scientists brings to the table deep expertise in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, and industrial design.  And our Rolodex for fabricating components is second to none - whether it be right here in Boulder County or as far away as Shenzhen.  We'll turn out your project at the highest quality with remarkable value.