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Agriculture drones can help farmers win the war on weeds in a cost efficient and timely manner - once they're legal to use. Two publications report recently reported on a joint project by InventWorks and Boulder Labs. For the full Boulder County Business story, click here. For the Boulder Daily Camera story, click here. Since these stories were written, the InventWorks agricultural drone project has been spun into a seperate company, Agribotix. Navigate over to www.agribotix.com to stay up to date.



Created to invent.

We formed InventWorks in 2012 to meet a need in the engineeering and design world for a shop that can creatively attack a wide range of problems without preconceived skill set constraints. Clients have benefited from using InventWorks as an additional arm of an existing engineering or product design departmenMedical Simulation Hardware Interfacet or as a standalone resource for product and component creation needs. Our goal is to help clients who are at any stage of the product development cycle. Often our client's projects are at the early stage of design - sometimes they walk in with nothing but an idea and some rough sketches. And we work with engineers who arrive with detailed solid models but need some assistance in manufacturing. We pride ourselves on flexibilty and our customers appreciate it.

Current clients are in the aerospace, medical, and industrial safety fields. Some of our projects are one-off builds, but many involve limited production runs of tens of units. We also work with contract manufacturing facilities in Asia for larger production volumes. Contact us, we'd like to hear about your needs and explore how InventWorks can create solutions for you.


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