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Agriculture drones can help farmers win the war on weeds in a cost efficient and timely manner - once they're legal to use. Two publications report recently reported on a joint project by InventWorks and Boulder Labs. For the full Boulder County Business story, click here. For the Boulder Daily Camera story, click here. Since these stories were written, the InventWorks agricultural drone project has been spun into a seperate company, Agribotix. Navigate over to www.agribotix.com to stay up to date.




Blair Keller

Production Manager

  • Industrial design
  • Fabrication 
  • Welding

I'm "the hands and the wrench" at InventWorks...when there's an object to be built I put my design and build experience to work. I began my career as an artist, welding metal and sculpting wood in the name of art. This impulse to create motivated me to build an electric bike from the ground up. That bike was the predecessor to the Spark M4, which led me to InventWorks. Now I still get to create and build objects but with the end result having a practical, commercial purpose as well as a pleasing design aesthetic.