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Agriculture drones can help farmers win the war on weeds in a cost efficient and timely manner - once they're legal to use. Two publications report recently reported on a joint project by InventWorks and Boulder Labs. For the full Boulder County Business story, click here. For the Boulder Daily Camera story, click here. Since these stories were written, the InventWorks agricultural drone project has been spun into a seperate company, Agribotix. Navigate over to www.agribotix.com to stay up to date.




Jon Filley


  • Organic synthesis
  • Nanotechnology
  • Novel materials

How does a chemist find himself engaged with an engineering firm? I started off in "pure" science - with zero in the way of practical applications.  I didn't care at the time, and then as I kept going in my career I wanted more and more for my work to have some sort of practical value. Turns out, engineers do more in the way of practical work than do chemists. I have found that lots of engineers appreciate having a chemist around to answer chemistry questions, plus I’ve solved some chemistry issues for chemists and engineers over the years in the lab, so that's a role I fill at InventWorks.

I work on chemistry that when presented has a more or less obvious practical value, even if it needs a bunch of engineering to make the value real.  I still practice pure science, but it’s easy to point to its practical application. The work I’m currently doing is the most fun I’ve had.