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Agriculture drones can help farmers win the war on weeds in a cost efficient and timely manner - once they're legal to use. Two publications report recently reported on a joint project by InventWorks and Boulder Labs. For the full Boulder County Business story, click here. For the Boulder Daily Camera story, click here. Since these stories were written, the InventWorks agricultural drone project has been spun into a seperate company, Agribotix. Navigate over to www.agribotix.com to stay up to date.




Ned Riedel

Engineering Director

  • Project management
  • Solid model design
  • Systems engineering

While I've accumulated years of experience in academia as both a researcher and a professor, I'm also a broadly based and experienced engineer in the "real world."  I've designed everything from electromechanical explosion prevention devices to spaceflight hardware that circled the earth aboard the Space Shuttle (STS 107).  My expertise is in the design of power transmission, chemically reacting, electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems.  I truly enjoy working with the broad range of people and projects through InventWorks. When we create inventive solutions for business ideas, there’s nothing more professionally satisfying.